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Stratford, Ontario
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About the Qualifications

Make the most out of your welding career. Upgrading your skill sets in this competitive high-demand welding industry pays off! Whether you are fulfilling work requirements or taking your career to the next level - adding additional career-specific skills and qualifications opens the doors to higher pay, new employment opportunities and in the long run, a more successful and satisfying career.

TTG's training facility in Stratford, Ontario is an accredited Test Centre for the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA).

CWB and TSSA testing is available on an individual or group basis. We also develop customized courses for individuals or companies to prepare for specific testing requirements.

Testing Available

All position (flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead) certification available in the following processes:

SMAW - Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Plate

GMAW - Carbon Steel Plate

FCAW - Carbon Steel Plate

MCAW - Carbon Steel Plate


SMAW - F3 & F4 (E6010 & E7018), 6G Position, Carbon Steel Pipe

SMAW - F5 (E309L), 6G Position, Stainless Steel Pipe

GTAW - F6 (ER70S-3/6), 6G Position, Carbon Steel Pipe

GTAW - F6 (ER309L), 6G Position, Stainless Steel Pipe

GMAW - F6 (ER70S-3/6) 1G-R Position, Carbon Steel Pipe

Practice Time and Customized Courses Prior to Testing

Technical Training Group offers training designed to achieve CWB and TSSA specifications. We can develop and deliver customized courses that teach individuals the necessary skill sets required to obtain these qualifications.

In preparation for testing, when space available and capacity allows, TTG can offer practice sessions in 4-hour blocks (one-on-one training or self directed with access to onsite welding instructors). This practice time is invaluable preparation for testing and allows individuals to refine their welding techniques, review settings, allowable tolerances, etc. Trainees will be given practice plates to maximize training effectiveness.

Pricing for practice sessions includes all consumables.

For more information and pricing, please contact TTG at 519-801-8641, or

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